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F. Naghdy, "Dynamic modelling, validating and fine-tuning of engineering curriculum," in The 21st Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education, 2010, pp. 181-185.


The undergraduate Engineering schools in Australia are required to embed and assess the Competency Standards defined by the Engineers Australia in their curriculum. At the same time, embedding graduate attributes in the curriculum has become an important element in the quality assurance processes of universities. The embedding and mapping are only the first step in a long term process. The mapping should be validated empirically and reviewed in a repeating cycle towards an effective and optimal curriculum. This will require a rigorous action learning process for creating and cyclic validation of a living curriculum. The conceptual development and early stages of work on building a computer-based tool for dynamic modelling, validating and fine-tuning of engineering curriculum is reported. The developed system represents an integrated environment through which the mapping of graduate attributes as well as quality assurance and auditing associated with the curriculum can be carried out holistically and interactively.