Geometric & haptic modelling of textile artifacts



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F. Naghdy, D. Wood Conroy & H. Armitage, "Geometric & haptic modelling of textile artifacts", in International Conference on Visual Information Systems, 2007, pp. 502-511.


Geometric modelling and haptic rendering of textiles is an area of research in which interest has significantly increased over the last decade. A haptic representation is created by adding the physical properties of an object to its geometric configuration. While research has been conducted into geometric modelling of fabrics, current systems require textile data to be manually entered into the computer simulation by a technician. This study explores the possibility of automatic generation of geometric and haptic models of real world textile samples. The development of a scalable and generic methodology for geometric and haptic modelling of plain weave textiles made from wool yarn is reported. This system has been successfully implemented using a step-wise procedure. Initially, an image of the textile artefact is captured. Then the critical features of the image are extracted from the image and deployed in a finite element model. The geometric model is augmented by adding physical properties of the textile and developing the haptic model. Two different haptic rendering procedures are implemented based on Reachin Application Programming Interface 3.2 (API). The developed methodologies are described and results obtained are provided.

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