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Freeman, M. & Freeman, A. (2010). Using task analysis to design intuitive online grocery systems. In Z. Irani, A. Ghoneim, M. Ali, S. Alshawi, M. Shakir & H. Odhabi (Eds.), EMCIS 2010: European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (pp. 1-12).


This paper presents a normative task model for modelling user interactions with online grocery stores. It is envisaged that using task models will aid system developers in building better systems to meet users’ needs, and hereby creating better system design processes. This paper will discuss the three main areas of user experience when completing the process of adding a product to an online trolley: attempting to retrieve the product, receiving the results of the retrieval attempt, and adding the product to the trolley. The normative task model presented is expected to help in the future design of online grocery systems by identifying the possible errors that users can encounter, and methods to reduce the occurrence of these errors.