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White, W. E., Iftekharuddin, K. M. & Bouzerdoum, A. (2010). Improved learning in grid-to-grid neural network via clustering. WCCI 2010: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (pp. 2318-2324). USA: IEEE.


The maze traversal problem involves finding the shortest distance to the goal from any position in a maze. Such maze solving problems have been an interesting challenge in computational intelligence. Previous work has shown that grid-to-grid neural networks such as the cellular simultaneous recurrent neural network (CSRN) can effectively solve simple maze traversing problems better than other iterative algorithms such as the feedforward multi layer perceptron (MLP). In this work, we investigate improved learning for the CSRN maze solving problem by exploiting relevant information about the maze. We cluster parts of the maze using relevant state information and show an improvement in learning performance. We also study the effect of the number of clusters on the learning rate for the maze solving problem. Furthermore, we investigate a few code optimization techniques to improve the run time efficiency. The outcome of this research may have direct implication in rapid search and recovery, disaster planning and autonomous navigation among others.



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