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This article was originally published as: Rong, L & Burnett, I, Dynamic multimedia adaptation and updating of media streams with MPEG-21, Proceedings of the First IEEE Conference on Consumer Communications and Networking (CCNC 2004), January 2004, 436-441. Copyright IEEE 2004.


The paper discusses media streaming using dynamic resource adaptation and update as a means of facilitating universal multimedia access (UMA): the concept of accessing multimedia content through a variety of possible schemes (Bormans, J. et al., IEEE Sig. Process. Magazine, 2003). As background, the paper summarizes the most common content negotiation approaches and addresses their facets and problems. MPEG-21, the multimedia framework and its relationship to UMA are then explained. Our primary focus is an end-to-end approach to content adaptation which takes advantage of MPEG-21 to facilitate the UMA concept in a media streaming environment. The concept is validated using a media streaming test-bed which provides for wide adaptation according to broad usage descriptions.