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Laird, P. G. (2007). Sydney - Brisbane Land Transport. Australasian Transport Research Forum (pp. 1-14). Online www.patrec.org - PATREC/ATRF.


This paper shall commence with reference to the draft AusLink Sydney - Brisbane corridor strategy. Section 2 will outline the upgrading of the Pacific Highway, Section 3 will examine the existing Sydney - Brisbane railway whilst Section 4 will outline some 2009 - 2014 corridor upgrade options with particular attention to external costs and energy use as opposed to intercity supply chain costs. The conclusions are given in Section 5. The current population of the coastal regions of the Sydney - Brisbane corridor exceeds 8 million. As shown by Table I, the population is expected to be approaching 11 million by 2031. The draft strategy notes that Brisbane and South East Queensland will become Australia's second largest conurbation by 2026.