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Le, Lam-Son, Zhang, B and Ghose, AK, Strategy Representation Using an i*-like Notation, in Proceedings of the 4th International i* Workshop - co-located with 22nd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems, Hammamet, Tunisia, June 2010, 113-117.


Assessing and achieving alignment between an organization’s strategies and its IT/business functions has long been recognized as a critically important question. This paper reports on a project that seeks to overturn established management orthodoxy by establising that strategies can be adequately modeled using conceptual modeling notations and that methodological and tool support can be provided for the task of assessing and achieving alignment between the strategies of an organization and its service offerings. A key element of this enterprise has been the design of SML - the Strategy Modeling Language. This paper presents an interim report from this project that describes how a notation inspired by i* has been used to obtain the diagrammatic modeling component of SML, and how i*-like notions have been used to represent strategy decomposition (required to be able to refine strategies to a level where there is an onotlogical match between the languages used to describe strategies and services). We also comment on how i*-like notions would play a greater role in this project, as a complete model of the enterprise context is brought to bear on the alignment exercise. We provide a brief illustration, and a description of the toolkit implemented on the Eclipse platform.