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This conference paper was originally published as Léger, PM, Cassivi, L and Fosso Wamba, S, Determinants of the Adoption of Customer-Oriented Mobile Commerce Initiatives, International Association of Management of Technology, Proceedings of IAMOT, Virtual Organizations and Partnerships / ECommerce Track, Washington, April 2004.


This paper investigates organizations implementing mobile commerce initiatives. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is defined as the wireless B2B and B2C exchange of operational and financial data within a supply chain. Based on a survey conducted with 159 Canadian and Scandinavian executive managers, this paper tests several theoretical determinants of customer-oriented m-commerce initiatives. Results indicate that i) the adoption of electronic commerce is a strong determinant for the adoption of m-commerce initiatives, ii) software firms are more inclined to adopt m-commerce initiatives, iii) firm size does not influence the adoption of mobile commerce, and iv) contrary to expectations, firms focusing on B2C are not more incline to adopt m-commerce initiatives. For practitioners, the paper helps better define the profile of potential adopters of m-commerce. On a more theoretical point of view, the results suggest that mcommerce comes as a second step to e-commerce.