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This case study was originally published as Michael, K, The Battle Against Security Attacks, in Lawrence, E, Lawrence, J, Newton, S, Dann, S, Corbitt, B & Thanasankit, T (eds), Internet Commerce: Digital Models for Business, John Wiley & Sons, Australia, 2003, pp. 156-159.


Medium-to-large-sized companies are increasingly using their intranets to broadcast company-wide messages and store valuable information. Employees can choose to view multimedia- based messages from company executives, link to the latest product success stories, download the most recent technical specifications or refer to the most up-to-date pricing figures. Whatever the requirement, organisations have become very reliant upon electronic intra- and intercommunication methods. Whether it is sending an email with an attachment to a client, downloading information from the knowledge management system (KMS) or placing files in one another's public folders, employees now expect the technological capabilities to be available all the time.