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This article was originally published as Hartfiel, S, Hartfiel, S & Dunn, L, Global Telerobotics: Exploring Effective Internet Access to Robots, Proceedings Sixth International Conference: Computer-Human Interaction, 24-27 November 1996, Hamilton, New Zealand. Copyright Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 1996. Original conference paper available here


This paper describes an Industrial Automation research project at the University of Wollongong, Australia. The project aims to develop a telerobotic planning and control architecture and human robot interface that can be used for intervention robots which require task level programming. In order to investigate global telerobotic principles, the workspace will be made accessible across the Internet via the World Wide Web. The paper describes the experimental setup and implementation of this project, focussing on a discussion of human robot interaction issues, such as interface design problems and the use of a World Wide Web browser for user interaction.



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