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This conference paper was originally published as Stamm, S, Sheppard, NP & Safavi-Naini, R, Implementing Trusted Terminals with a TPM and SITDRM, First International Workshop on Run Time Enforcement for Mobile and Distributed Systems (REM 2007), Dresden, Germany, 27 September 2007. Original paper available here


In the SITDRM Enterprise system [1], private customer data is protected under customer-provided license policies. When employees of an organization want to use these customers’ data, they must be forced to abide by the policies provided. Some sort of hardened terminal must be used to ensure that not only the hardware and software will cooperate, but that the user of the terminal will too. We use the Trusted Computing Group’s specifications for a trusted platform upon which to build a SITDRM data user terminal that can be proved to implement proper license-enforcing behavior. A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip and a TPMusing operating system are all that may be required to construct a verifiably secure terminal.



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