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This article was originally published as Coltman, T, Devinney, TM, Latukefu, AS and Midgley, DF, Keeping E-business in perspective, Communications of the ACM, 45(8), 2002, 69-73. Copyright 2002 Association for Computing Machinery. Original journal article available here


The article reveals that not all business fit the model of electronic business (e-business). Since the bubble burst in April 2000, many have become pessimistic about the future of e-business. Having been through process reengineering, enterprise resource planning, and now e-business with disappointing results, experienced managers are wary of large IT investments. Multiple failures in B2C, B2B, and other forms of e-business have raised questions regarding the pace at which the networked economy is emerging and ultimately the suitability of e-business for many firms. Claims that e-business is driving revolutionary business change are misleading and only partly correct. The most likely path for the evolution of e-business is an incremental one, automating the existing B2B processes and extending the few B2C successes.



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