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This conference paper was originally published as Ren, F, Zhang, M, Bai, Q, A Fuzzy-Based Approach for Partner Selection in Multi-Agent Systems, 6th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science ICIS 2007, 11-13 Jul, 457-462.


Traditional negotiation approaches pay intensive attention to decision making models in order to reach the optimal agreements, while placing insufficient efforts on the problem of partner selection. In this paper, a fuzzy-based approach for partner selection in multi-agent systems is proposed. By employing both the fuzzy logic and the extended dual concern model, agents can adapt their individual behaviors for partner selection in negotiation. The proposed approach has three merits, which are: (1) both the agent’s own benefit and its potential partners’ benefits are considered for partner selection in negotiation; (2) by employing the extended dual concern model, agents’ attitudes to its potential partners are considered for partner selection in negotiation; and (3) by employing the fuzzy logic, the proposed partner selection approach can be applied in open and dynamic environments easily and flexibly, and the selection results are much more accurate and reasonable.



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