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This conference paper was originally published as Lu, W, Li, W, Safavi-Naini, R, Ogunbona, P, A Maximum Likelihood Watermark Decoding Scheme, 2007 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo ICME 2007, Beijing, 2-5 July 2007, 1247-1250. The original paper is available here.


Based on the observation that an attack applied on a watermarked image, from a decoding point of view, modifies the distribution of the detection values away from the ideal distribution (without attack) for corresponding watermarking scheme, we propose a generic maximum likelihood decoding scheme by approximating the distribution with a finite Gaussian mixture model. The parameters of the model are estimated using expectation-maximization algorithm. The scheme allows the decoding to be automatically adapted to attacks that the watermarked images have undergone and, in consequence, to improve the decoding accuracy. Experiments on a QIM based watermarking system have clearly verified the significant improvement of the decoding accuracy achieved by the proposed maximum likelihood decoding in comparison to conventional threshold decoding



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