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This conference paper was originally published as Adistambha, K., Doeller, M., Tous, R., Gruhne, M., Sano, M., Tsinaraki, C., Christodoulakis, S., Kyoungro Yoon, Ritz, C.H., Burnett, I.S., The MPEG-7 query format: a new standard in progress for multimedia query by content, 7th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies ISCIT 2007, 17-19 Oct, 479-484.


ln recent years, the amount of Internet accessible digital audiovisual media files has vastly increased. Therefore the need to describe the media (by way of metadata) has also increased significantly. MPEG-7 (finalized in 2001) provides a comprehensive and rich metadata standard for the descr iption of multimedia content. Unfortunately, a standardized query format does not exist for MPEG-7, or other multimedia metadata. Such a standard would provide for communications between quer ying clients and databases, suppor ting cross-modal and cross-media retrieval. The ISO/IEC SC29WG11 committee decided therefore to contribute to this application space by adding such functionality as a new par t of the MPEG-7 series of standards. In response to a Call for Proposals, six proposals were submitted. This paper describes the strengths of each proposal as well as the resulting draft standard for the MPEG-7 query format.



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