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This article was originally published as Premaratne, P, and Nguyen, Q, Consumer electronics control system based on hand gesture moment invariants, IET Computer Vision, 1(1), 2007, 35-41. Copyright 2007 IET.


Almost all consumer electronic equipment today uses remote controls for user interfaces. However, the variety of physical shapes and functional commands that each remote control features also raises numerous problems: the difficulties in locating the required remote control, the confusion with the button layout, the replacement issue and so on. The consumer electronics control system using hand gestures is a new innovative user interface that resolves the complications of using numerous remote controls for domestic appliances. Based on one unified set of hand gestures, this system interprets the user hand gestures into pre-defined commands to control one or many devices simultaneously. The system has been tested and verified under both incandescent and fluorescent lighting conditions. The experimental results are very encouraging as the system produces real-time responses and highly accurate recognition towards various gestures.



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