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This article was originally published as Hu, Y, Xi, J, Yang, Z, Li, E and Chicharo, JF, Study on Generalized Analysis Model for Fringe Pattern Profilometry, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 57(1), 2008, 160-167. Copyright IEEE 2008.


This paper presents a generalized analysis model for fringe pattern profilometry. We mathematically derived a new analysis model that gives a more general expression of the relationship between projected and deformed fringe patterns. Meanwhile, based on the proposed generalized model, a new algorithm is presented to retrieve 3-D surfaces from nonlinearly distorted fringes.Without any prior knowledge about the projection system, we still can obtain very accurate measurement results by using a generalized analysis model and a proposed algorithm. Computer simulation and experimental results show that the generalized model and the proposed algorithm can significantly improve the 3-D reconstruction precision, especially when the projected fringe pattern is nonlinearly distorted.



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