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This article was originally published as Seberry, J, Wysocki, Bj and Wysocki, TA, On some applications of Hadamard matrices, Metrika, 62, (2005) 221-239. Copyright Springer-Verlag.


Modern communications systems are heavily reliant on statistical techniques to recover information in the presence of noise and interference. One of the mathematical structures used to achieve this goal is Hadamard matrices. They are used in many different ways and some examples are given. This paper concentrates on code division multiple access systems where Hadamard matrices are used for user separation. Two older techniques from design and analysis of experiments which rely on similar processes are also included. We give a short bibliography (from the thousands produced by a google search) of applications of Hadamard matrices appearing since the paper of Hedayat and Wallis in 1978 and some applications in telecommunications.



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