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This conference paper was originally published as Shephard, NP, On implementing MPEG-21 intellectual property management and protection, in Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management 2007, 29 October 2007, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, 10-22.


The MPEG-21 Intellectual Property Management and Protection (&lquot;IPMP&rquot;) Components specify a framework for inter-operable and renewable digital rights management based on IPMP tools that implement proprietary digital rights management features. MPEG-21 defines the mechanism by which protected multimedia objects are associated with proprietary IPMP tools, but does not specify the interface through which IPMP tools and MPEG-21 terminals communicate. This paper describes an implementation of the IPMP components including an interface to IPMP tools based on the MPEG Rights Expression Language; dynamic construction of authorisation proofs that permit a principal to carry out an action; and a cryptographic architecture bound to the existence of authorisation proofs. This implementation has been applied to scenarios in copyright protection, privacy protection and corporate document protection, suggesting that &lquot;IPMP&rquot; may be useful in applications other than intellectual property.

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ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management