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This conference paper was originally published as Ghose, AK, Koliadis, G, Vranesevic, A, Bhuiyan, M and Krishna, A, Combining i* and BPMN for business process model lifecycle management, in Proceedings of the BPM-2006 Workshop on Grid and Peer-to-Peer based Workflows, Lecture Notes in Computing Science, 4103, pp 416-427, 2006.


The premise behind ‘third wave’ Business Process Management (BPM1) is effective support for change at levels. Business Process Modeling (BPM2) notations such as BPMN are used to effectively conceptualize and communicate process configurations to relevant stakeholders. In this paper we argue that the management of change throughout the business process model lifecycle requires greater conceptual support achieved via a combination of complementary notations. As such the focus in this paper is on the co-evolution of operational (BPMN) and organizational (i*) models. Our intent is to provide a way of expressing changes, which arise in one model, effectively in the other model. We present constrained development methodologies capable of guiding an analyst when reflecting changes from an i* model to a BPMN model and vice-versa. 1 Introduction



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