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This conference paper was originally published as Tibben, W. (2006), Communications breakdown: revisiting the question of information and its significance for community informatics projects. In Meersman, R, Tari, Z, Herrero P et al (eds), OTM Workshops 2006, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4277, 2006, 160–170. Berlin: Springer.


The gap between those who understand the complexities of community requirements and the information technologists who can build the technologies represents a central focus of concern with Community Informatics (CI) research. This paper explores how different assumptions about the utility of information leads to poor communication between researchers and practitioners. Braman’s four-part hierarchy is a useful vehicle to investigate this as she seeks to include a range of actors such as policy makers, technologists and community members. A number of case study examples are explored to illustrate the value of Braman’s work for CI.



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