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This paper was originally published as Aloudat, A, Michael, K and Yan, J, Location-Based Services in Emergency Management- from Government to Citizens: Global Case Studies", in Mendis, P, Lai, J, Dawson, E and Abbass, H, Recent Advances in Security Technology, Australian Homeland Security Research Centre, Melbourne, 2007, 190-201.


In emergencies governments have long utilised broadcasting media like radio and television to disseminate up-to-date real-time information to citizens. In the same context, however, some other technologies like mobile location-based services have not been utilised to full extent or potential. The value of such services could be foreseen in the case of critical situations where the coordination of emergency management procedures with location-awareness activities is paramount. This paper tracks the introduction of location-aware services in the realm of emergency management. It investigates case studies where text messaging has been exploited to deliver safety information and early warnings to users based on the availability of their location information. This paper also examines the reasons for not adopting and using technologies like cell broadcasting at present.