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This paper was originally published as: Raad, IS, Huang, X & Lowe, D, A Study of Different Angles for the New Spread Matrix for BSOFDM in UWB Channels, Third International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications 2007 (ICWMC '07), Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, 4-9 March 2007, 67-67. Copyright IEEE 2007.


This paper presents a study into different angles for the New spread matrix developed for BSOFDM. It varies the angles for the matrix to develop different constellation schemes which are useful in overcoming the frequency selective channels which are encountered in mobile communication systems. Previously it has been discussed that this new matrix (the rotation matrix) has some advantages over Hadamard and the rotated Hadamard matrix in certain channels. This paper presents a study of varies angles with this new matrix over the UWB channels CM1 to CM4.



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