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This article was originally published as: Chalechale, A, Naghdy, G, Pramaratne, P & Mertins, A, Document image analysis and verification using cursive signature, 2004 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo(ICME '04), 27-30 June 2004, 2, 887-890. Copyright IEEE 2004.


A new approach for document image analysis and verification is presented. The approach utilizes connected component analysis and geometric properties of labelled regions for region of interest extraction. Document images containing Persian/Arabic text combined with English text, headlines, ruling lines, trade mark and cursive signature are used as a test data. Persian/Arabic signature extraction is investigated as a case study. The proposed method uses special characteristics of such signatures for extraction and verification procedures. A set of efficient, invariant and compact features is extracted utilizing spatial partitioning of the signature region. Comparative results exhibit high extraction and verification rates.