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This paper was originally published as: Hu, Y, Xi, J, Chicharo, J & Yang, Z, Optimal filtering based shift estimation for fringe pattern profilometry by generalized analysis model, International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communications 2006 (ISPACS '06), Yonago, Japan, 12-15 December 2006, 796-800. Copyright 2006 IEEE.


This paper presents a new algorithm for fringe pattern parofilometry by utilizing generalized analysis model, called optimal filtering based shift estimation (OFSE) method, which provides much lower complexity compared with traditional methods. Meanwhile, as OFSE is derived based on the generalized analysis model, the reconstruction results will not be influenced by the nonlinearity of fringe pattern projection and acquisition system. The efficiency of the proposed OFSE method is confirmed by simulation results, which show that the accuracy of three-dimensional reconstruction using digital fringe pattern profilometry technique can be much improved and the computational complexity can be significantly reduced.



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