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This paper was originally published as: Yu, P, Wu, MX, Yu, H & Xiao, GQ, The Challenges for the Adoption of M-Health, 2006 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics and Informatics (SOLI 2006), Shanghai, China, June 21-23 2006, 181-186. Copyright IEEE 2006.


The potential benefit of mobile and wireless information technology for healthcare service delivery, improving patient safety and reducing cost is increasingly recognized and emphasized. To contributing to the knowledge about critical factors determining the success of mobile health (m-Health) solutions, this study researched the driving force for the advancement of m-health solutions. The current advancement of m-health was reviewed. The challenges for developing and deploying m-health applications were addressed. The paper concluded in suggesting the most critical factor for the success of m-health. The method used for the study was literature research, market scan and analysis.



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