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This article was originally published as: Krishna, A, Guan, Y & Ghose, A, Co-evolution of i* Models and 3APL Agents, Sixth International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC 2006), Beijing, China, October 2006, 117-124. Copyright IEEE 2006.


Agent-Oriented Conceptual Modelling (AOCM), as exemplified by the i* notation [9], represents an interesting approach to modelling early phase requirements that is particularly effective in capturing organisational contexts, stakeholder intentions and rationale. Our objective in this paper is to define means for executing i* models by translating these into set of interacting agents implemented in the 3APL language. We also propose a hybrid modelling, or co-evolution, approach in which i* models and 3APL agent programs are concurrently maintained and updated, while maintaining some modicum of loose coupling via consistency constraints. This paper explores how these two otherwise disparate approaches might be used in a synergistic fashion for requirement engineering.



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