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This paper was originally published as: Davis, SJ & Burnett, IS, On-demand partial schema delivery for multimedia metadata, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2006, Toronto, Canada, July 2006, 1513-1516. Copyright 2006 IEEE.


XML is a popular approach to interoperable exchange of Multimedia metadata between a wide range of devices. This paper explores extending the use of the Remote XML Exchange Protocol (previously proposed by the authors) as a mechanism to provide efficient interaction with complex Multimedia XML documents and their associated schemas. This is particularly applicable to users with limited application complexity devices and/or limited bandwidth connections. Many XML documents do not fully utilize all the information present in a given schema; thus, users download substantial redundant information for the current application. This paper introduces the use of RXEP for the transmission of small, relevant schema sections. The paper investigates the advantages of schema retrieval using RXEP in terms of the bandwidth saved.



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