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This paper was originally published as: Thomas-Kerr, J, Burnett, I & Ritz, C, Enhancing Interoperability via Generic Multimedia Syntax Translation, Second International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution (AXMEDIS '06), Leeds, UK, December 2006, 85-92. Copyright IEEE 2006.


The Bitstream Binding Language (BBL) is a new technology developed by the authors and being standardized by MPEG, which describes how multimedia content and metadata can be mapped onto streaming formats. This paper describes how BBL can be used to enhance the interoperability of multimedia content by providing a generic mechanism for the translation of content between formats. As new content formats are developed, BBL can be used to describe how to translate the content into a form that existing devices are able to render. This consequently simplifies the adoption of new multimedia content forms because existing devices are able to consume the content even though they do not understand its native format.



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