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This article was originally published as McKerrow, PJ and Kristiansen, BE, This Classifying surface roughness with CTFM ultrasonic sensing, IEEE Sensors Journal, 6(5), October 2006, 1267-1279. Copyright IEEE. Original journal available here.


Roughness is a characteristic of a surface that is a function of its geometry. Ultrasonic sensing in air provides range, area, and angle information because the surface geometry determines the characteristics of the echo. The authors introduce the “spatial-angle-filter model” to explain the impact of surface roughness on the echo. On the basis of this model, they design a set of features for use in classifying surfaces. The quality of the features and the classification is measured with the Mahalanobis distance. The resultant system is able to achieve 99.73% classification of a set of 12 surfaces using five features.



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