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This article was originally published as Naghdy, F and Anjum, N, Discrete-event modelling, simulation and control of a distributed manipulation environment, Robotica, 15, 1997, 181-198. Copyright Cambridge University Press. Original journal available here.


Conventional robotics has proved to be inflexible and non-generic. The concept of Distributed Manipulation Environment (DME) is introduced to overcome some of these shortcomings. This concept proposes a distributed approach to robotics and flexible automation. The work is concerned with modelling, simulation and event based control of DME. The modelling, conducted both at the atomic and the coupled level, is quite generic and provides a framework for static and dynamic behaviour analysis of DME systems. The simulation models serve as a mean of performance evaluation of the system on a computer before the actual implementation in real time. The event-based controller provides a simple and robust control scheme. The controller , itself , can be tested, validated and finely tuned through simulation before implementation. The feasibility of the modelling technique is demonstrated through a case study.



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