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This paper was originally published as: Raad, IS & Huang, X, Exploiting Time Diversity to Improve Block Spread OFDM in a Multipath Environment, 2nd Information and Communication Technologies 2006 (ICTTA '06), 24-28 April 2006, 2, 2444-2449. Copyright 2006 IEEE.


This paper presents a new method to improve on block spread OFDM by exploiting time diversity to ensure that the blocks are independent and uncorrelated in a multipath environment. While BSOFDM utilizes frequency diversity to significantly improve on OFDM in frequency selective channel, this did not improve during flat fading channel which does occur during transmission. Our work has also shown that this improvement is also true in multipath transmission. By exploiting time and frequency diversity, BSOFDM is improved significantly over conventional BSOFDM and conventional OFDM.