Dynamic graphics in a GIS: a link between ARC/ INFO(Tm) and XGobi



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Symanzik, J., Majure, J., Cook, D. & Cressie, N. A. (1994). Dynamic graphics in a GIS: a link between ARC/ INFO(Tm) and XGobi. In J. Sallis & A. Lehman (Eds.), 26th Symposium on the Interface of Computing Science and Statistics - Computationally Intensive Statistical Methods (pp. 431-435). United States: Interface Foundation North America.


This paper describes a link between a Geograph ical Information System GIS ARC INFOTM and an in teractive dynamic graphics program XGobi GISs provide a user with a standard and convenient software for spatial geographical data In particular the GIS ARC INFO is a combination of two systems ARC maintains the spatial in formation of map features and provides tools for spatial anal yses while INFO maintains the thematic or attribute infor mation associated with the map features XGobi is an inter active dynamic graphics program for data visualization in the X Window SystemTM It is designed for the exploration of multivariate data primarily by manipulating and displaying scatterplots in arbitrary dimensions The motivation for the work is to link the dynamic inter active strengths of XGobi for visualizing highdimensional data with the exhaustive map handling tools of ARC INFO speci cally to explore spatial data This paper presents in formation about the technical realization of the link between ARC INFO and XGobi as well as an introductory example of its use

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