Temporal analogs to spatial K-functions



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Cannon, A. & Cressie, N. A. (1995). Temporal analogs to spatial K-functions. Biometrical Journal, 37 (3), 351-373.


In this article, the spatial statistic known as the K function is adapted for temporal processes and patterns. The (optimal) K-function estimator is used in a testing procedure to determine whether behavior patterns of exposed rats versus control rats are different. Specifically, the temporal analogue to the K function is given and an approximately optimal estimator is developed. Next, a testing procedure, to determine whether a group of point patterns is generated from complete temporal randomness, is given. Finally, a testing procedure, to compare pairwise two groups of point patterns to each other, is given. The testing procedures are illustrated with rat-behavior data from both a control-control experiment as well as an exposed-control experiment, where in the latter case a difference in behavior is known to exist.

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