Lognormal kriging: bias adjustment and kriging variances



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Cressie, N. A. & Pavlicova, M. (2005). Lognormal kriging: bias adjustment and kriging variances. In O. Leuangthong & V. Deutsch (Eds.), Geostatistics Banff 2004 (pp. 1027-1036). Netherlands: Springer.


Lognormality of spatial data occurs commonly enough for it to warrant continued study;, contemporary statistical and computational methodologies can shed new light on the old problem of block kriging for lognormal processes. There are a number of proposals available for block kriging, many of them discussed in an unpublished, 43-page, Centre de Morphologie Mathernatique "note" written by Georges Matheron in 1974. Loosely translated, the title of the note is, "The proportional effect and lognormality or: The return of the sea serpent". Our paper is meant to rein in the sea serpent, by comparing an optimal-prediction-based predictor with a permanence-approximation-based predictor, in the context of statistics for spatial lognormal data.

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