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Leung, K., Lau, S. K., Fan, J. P., Kang, S. & Tsang, N. (2011). An ontology-based collaborative interorganizational knowledge management network. In S. Rotchanakitumnuai & L. Kaewkitipong (Eds.), The 11th International Conference on Electronic Business - Borderless E-Business for the Next Decade (pp. 381-389). Bangkok: ICEB.


Web contents can be represented in a structural form by a finite list of vocabularies and their relationships using ontologies. The concept of ontology and its related mediation methods is capable of enhancing the collaboration among Knowledge Management (KM) approaches that only focus on managing organizational knowledge. Those KM approaches are developed in accordance with organizational KM strategies and business requirements without the concern of system interoperation. In this research, an ontology-based collaborative inter-organizational KM network is proposed to provide a platform for organizations to access and retrieve inter-organizational knowledge in a similar domain.

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International Conference on Electronic Business