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This conference paper was originally published as Michael, K, Michael, MG, Tootell, H and Baker, V, The hybridization of automatic identification techniques in mass market applications: towards a model of coexistence, in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Management and Innovation, IEEE Computer Society, Singapore, 21-23 June 2006.


The number and type of automatic identification technologies in the market have grown since the bar code was introduced in the retail sector in the late 1960s. This paper studies the selection environment of auto-ID and defines, describes and gives examples of three main patterns of innovation: migration, integration, and convergence. The findings indicate that technology adoption is not always about choosing the dominant design but about how to future-proof an auto-ID implementation. Enterprises wishing to adopt auto-ID techniques need to be aware that technology is not static, auto-ID techniques are not stand-alone, and consumers may have wide-ranging requirements for multipurpose auto-ID devices.



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