Multimedia user feedback based on augmenting user tags with EEG emotional states



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Davis, S., Cheng, E., Burnett, I. & Ritz, C. (2011). Multimedia user feedback based on augmenting user tags with EEG emotional states. 3rd International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience, QoMEX 2011 (pp. 143-148). USA: IEEE.


Efficient content-based access to large multimedia collections requires annotations that are human-meaningful, and user tagging of media is one means to obtain such semantic metadata. Tags can also act as user feedback essential for quality of multimedia experience assessment; however, tags can lack user context and become ambiguous between different users. Further, user tagging is a deliberate and discrete event where a user's response to the media can significantly vary in-between tagging events. This paper extends upon the authors' social multimedia adaptation framework to explore the use of EEG biosignals obtained from consumer EEG headsets to form context around explicit tagging activities and as user emotional feedback in-between user tagging events. Preliminary user studies investigating grouped participant responses indicate the most indicative emotional states to be short-term excitement, engagement and frustration in addition to gyroscope information.

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