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This paper was originally published as: Michael, K, The importance of conducting geodemographic market analysis on coastal areas: a pilot study using Kiama Council, in C. D. Woodroffe & R. A. Furness (eds.), Coastal GIS 2003: an integrated approach to Australian coastal issues, Centre for Maritime Policy, Wollongong, Australia, 2003, 481-496.


In February of 2003 Kiama Council launched a preliminary survey to gather community attitudes on the future growth of Werri Beach and Gerringong, NSW (Nelson). The survey focused primarily on what actions Council should take to manage population growth within existing neighbourhoods. This paper aims to support the preliminary survey by proposing that a geodemographic market analysis be conducted to complement the findings of the study published in May 2003 (Wiggins). The use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) can add great value to the strategic decisionmaking process and it is the recommendation of this paper that GIS should become an integral component of Council’s day-to-day planning function. This type of analysis does not negate the requirement for community participation in local issues rather it enhances the planner’s ability to make more informed decisions using a holistic approach throughout the lifetime of a given project. The findings of this paper indicate that GIS is an important element of any coastal assessment. The process outlined here could be adopted by councils located all along the Australian coastline.