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Cui, J., Chow, Y. & Zhang, M. (2011). Procedural generation of 3D cave models with stalactites and stalagmites. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, 11 (8), 94-101.


The increasing popularity of computer graphics applications in video games and movie production has resulted in a growing demand for the development of virtual environments with rich visual scene content. As such, the use of procedural content generation techniques is an attractive solution that can avoid the manual effort involved in the creation of highly complex scenes, by automating the generation of scene content. However, while there is much research on procedural content generation techniques, the procedural generation of 3D cave models is relatively unexplored. The focus of our research is on procedural cave generation, and this paper presents a method of producing a smooth triangle mesh of procedurally generated interior cave walls with visually plausible stalactites and stalagmites.