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Yu, Y., Xi, J. & Chicharo, J. F. (2011). Measuring the feedback parameter of a semiconductor laser with external optical feedback. Optics Express, 19 (10), 9582-9593. Copyright the Optical Society.


Feedback parameter (the C factor) is an important parameter for a semiconductor laser operating in the regime of external optical feedback. Self-mixing interferometry (SMI) has been proposed for the measurement of the parameter, based on the time-domain analysis of the output power waveforms (called SMI signals) in presence of feedback. However, the existing approaches only work for a limited range of C, below about 3.5. This paper presents a new method to measure C based on analysis of the phase signal of SMI signals in the frequency domain. The proposed method covers a large range of C values, up to about 10. Simulations and experimental results are presented for verification of the proposed method.



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