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S. Sayeef, N. Mendis, K. Muttaqi & S. Perera, "Enhanced reactive power support of a PMSG based wind turbine for a remote area power system," in 20th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference: Power Quality for the 21st Century", 2010,


Due to the intermittent nature of wind, a wind turbine generator alone cannot supply all the active and reactive power required by the load at all times in a standalone environment. As a close relationship exists between reactive power and voltage magnitude, reactive power support is the mean used to maintain the desired voltage profile, both during normal and contingency conditions. In this paper, a synchronous condenser is integrated into the AC bus of a wind turbine generator based hybrid Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) system where a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) is used to satisfy the active power load demand of the system. In this regard, the reactive power provision from the wind turbine generator is maintained to be zero. A battery storage is used to stabilise the DC link of the converter/inverter arrangement.