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N. Mendis, K. Muttaqi, S. M. Sayeef & S. Perera, "Operation of a wind-diesel-battery based hybrid remote area power supply system," in 6th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, ICECE 2010, 2010, pp. 334-337.


The operational behaviour of a Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) system consisting of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) as the wind turbine generator, diesel generator system, battery storage, dump load and mains loads is investigated in this paper. The diesel generator operates during low wind penetration or high load demand periods. Otherwise, the DFIG and battery storage are able to satisfy the load demand of the system. The battery storage can be used as a source or load depending on the wind and loading conditions of the system. A control coordination among the system components is established with a view to regulate the system voltage and frequency while extracting maximum power from wind. The entire RAPS system has been modelled using SimPowerSystem toolbox in MATLAB.



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