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The conference paper was originally published as Chakrabarti, D and Seberry, J, Combinatorial structures for design of wireless sensor networks, Applied Cryptology and Network Security Conference ACNS06, Singapore, 6-9 June 2006. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3989, 2006, 365-374.


Combinatorial designs are very effective tools for managing keys in an infrastructure where power and memory are two major constraints. None of the present day wireless technologies takes the advantage of combinatorial designs. In this paper, we have proposed a general framework using combinatorial designs which will enable the participating devices to communicate securely among themselves with little memory and power overhead. The scheme caters for different kinds of user requirements and allows the designer to choose different combinatorial designs for different parts or levels of the network. This general framework will find application in all wireless radio technologies, typically WPANs and WLANs. This is a hitherto unexplored technique in wireless technologies.



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