Human computer interaction using hand gestures



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P. Premaratne, Q. Nguyen & M. Premaratne, "Human computer interaction using hand gestures," in 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2010, 2010, pp. 381-386.


The number of entertainment electronic apparatus used in households has dramatically increased over the years. Most of them rely on remote controllers to receive commands to perform pre-programmed functions. As most of the population in the developed world is aging, remote controllers are no longer the best interface between these entertainment units and the users. This is indeed the case due to the variety of physical shapes and functional commands that each remote control features raising numerous problems: the difficulties in locating the wanted remote control, the confusion among the button layout, the replacement issue, etc. Today, there is an opportunity for better interfaces that will find a favorable response from the aging population and the gaming enthusiasts alike. The work presented here is an extension to our recently published work [1] which received very high worldwide media publicity [2,3]. The presented system does not require the user to use long sleeved clothing as required by the previous system.

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