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S. J. Davis, E. C. Cheng, I. S. Burnett & C. H. Ritz, "Multimedia adaptation based on semantics from social network users interacting with media," in 2010 Second International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX): Proceedings, 2010, pp. 170-175.


A key goal of adaptive multimedia delivery is to provide users with content that maximizes their quality of experience. To achieve this goal, adaptive multimedia systems require descriptions of the content and user preference information, moving beyond traditional criteria such as quality of service requirements or perceptual quality based on traditional metrics. Media is increasingly consumed within online social networks and multimedia sharing websites can also add a wealth of metadata. In this paper, mechanisms for gathering semantics that relate to user preferences when interacting with media content in social networks are proposed. Subjective results indicate the proposed mechanisms can successfully provide information about user and social group media preferences that can be used for adapting multimedia for improved user quality of experience.



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