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Al-Hmouz, A. & Freeman, A. (2010). Learning on location: an adaptive mobile learning content framework. In K. Michael (Eds.), 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (pp. 450-456). Wollongong: IEEE.


Delivery options for mobile learning are increasing, however new technologies alone will not improve the experience of mobile learners. There are a number of factors that impact on a typical learning experience, and many more when that learning experience becomes ‘mobile’. This paper presents a framework to describe the factors that play an important role in delivering learning content to mobile learners, and their relationship to each other. Once the necessary information is collected about a user – either automatically (e.g. location, device, previous usage) or through user input (e.g. age) – learning content can be adapted to meet the unique and personal needs of that learner within their current context. The learning content framework allows consideration of individual learning styles and scenarios, device and application capabilities, and material structure, leading to a customization of the type and delivery format of learning information in response to the user. Ultimately, the personalized response to each user (whether they are working independently or in communication with other learners) improves user engagement and the overall learning experience, as well as saving time.



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