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M. Enamul. Haque, M. Negnevitsky & K. M. Muttaqi, "A novel control strategy for a variable-speed wind turbine with a permanent-magnet synchronous generator," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 46, (1) pp. 331-339, 2010.


This paper presents a novel control strategy for the operation of a direct-drive permanent-magnet synchronous-generator-based stand-alone variable-speed wind turbine. The control strategy for the generator-side converter with maximum power extraction is presented. The stand-alone control is featured with output voltage and frequency controller that is capable of handling variable load. The potential excess of power is dissipated in the dump-load resistor with the chopper control, and the dc-link voltage is maintained. Dynamic representation of dc bus and small-signal analysis are presented. Simulation results show that the controllers can extract maximum power and regulate the voltage and frequency under varying wind and load conditions. The controller shows very good dynamic and steady-state performance.



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