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Hamade, R., Moulianitis, V., D'Addonna, D. & Beydoun, G. (2010). A dimensional tolerancing knowledge management system using Nested Ripple Down Rules (NRDR). Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 23 (7), 1140-1148.


This paper proposes to use a knowledge acquisition (KA) approach based on Nested Ripple Down Rules
(NRDR) to assist in mechanical design focusing on dimensional tolerancing. A knowledge approach
to incrementally model expert design processes is implemented. The knowledge is acquired in the
context of its use, which substantially supports the KA process. The knowledge is captured
which human designers utilize in order to specify dimensional tolerances on shafts and mating
holes in order to meet desired classes of fit as set by relevant engineering standards in order
to demonstrate the presented approach. The developed dimensional tolerancing knowledge
management system would help mechanical designers become more effective in the
time-consuming tolerancing process of their
designs in the future.



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