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AlAamri, H., Abolhasan, M. & Wysocki, T. (2009). On optimising route discovery in absence of previous route information in MANETs. 69th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (pp. 1-5). USA: IEEE.


This paper present a new routing protocol for Ad hoc networks, called On-demand Tree-based Routing Protocol (OTRP). This protocol combines the idea of hop-by-hop routing such as AODV with an efficient route discovery algorithm called Tree-based Optimized Flooding (TOF) to improve scalability of Ad hoc networks when there is no previous knowledge about the destination. To achieve this in OTRP, route discovery overheads are minimized by selectively flooding the network through a limited set of nodes, referred to as branching-nodes. The theoretical analysis and simulation results showed that OTRP outperforms AODV, DYMO, and OLSR and it reduces overheads as number of nodes and traffic increase.



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